Who Is God To Me?

God means many different things to many different people. To some there is no such thing as God and to others they don’t believe in God because they cannot feel or see him. For me, believing in God all comes down to my faith in Him. I have faith that He is real and I can feel his presence around me, I don’t need to see or touch Him to have this feeling.

To me, I feel that God is very creative. He created the whole universe and you and me, all the human beings on this earth and every animal – small and big. God is also able to solve our everyday problems that we have and create a solution for each of our needs and wants. God is undoubtedly forgiving and as humans we are prone to sinning against one another and God. As humans we may find it hard to forgive one another for wrong doings, although God understands and forgives us without hesitations. God is also honest and is the only ‘Being’ we can put our full trust in. Whatever He tells us we know that what He is saying can only benefit us and lead us to becoming better Christians – there is no way that God could ever lie to us.

God is capable. He is able to do anything and the impossible that can cross our minds. His understanding and wisdom cannot be understood by us as humans, we need to trust and believe in him to be able to see and reap the blessings that He wants to send to us, but we can’t receive this unless we open our hearts to him. Sometimes I feel as if God has let me down or has left me, but as Christians we need to understand that everything God does is for a reason and that he also has a plan for us. I believe that God puts us through trials and tribulations to prepare us for the future, as He knows what is coming and how to prepare us for it.

I believe that when we read the Bible, every person have their own way of seeing or perceiving God. I myself see and imagine God to be a kind and loving ‘Being’, who looks out for each and everyone on earth. I strongly believe that he wants everyone to believe in Him and wants all his children to make it to Heaven. However this is untrue and there will also be unbelievers (which was never what God wanted from the beginning of time). I also believe that as a Christian, God has set us on a path to help and encourage non-believers to God and to do our part in the Kingdom of God, to help to expand it and encourage His love as much as we can – even the same things we do can have a huge impact.

By Ehi Edogun (Youth)

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