Spiritual Dimention: Brexit

Truly, truly, God is in love with Britain. The outcome of the EU Referendum is a WAKE-UP CALL! It is beyond anybody, everybody and allbody’s speculation! And that is what we need. The nation of Britain, the UK, needs a jolting and that was what the referendum rightly gave us. Nonetheless, all is not lost; actually it is a blessing of a sort. Let me say before I go any further: “I am speaking to the persons out there whose supreme desire and ambition is for the nation’s well-being”. I don’t think anyone will deny or pretend otherwise that we are in for a major and marathon structural adjustment. Adjustments which will impact our Politics, Economy, Religion (Belief System), Marriage, Culture, Recreation, Relationship, Understanding, and the list can go on ad infinitum. However, I am confident we will come out of it a healthier people of all sorts, and probably religiously rightly focused.


Let me congratulate the new government, particularly the Prime Minister, Theresa May. I pray to the Almighty God to stand solidly behind you and with you for the next four years, being the remaining years of the current parliament. And every right thinking person will agree with you that we do not need an unnecessary and futile general election. The reasons for that decision are too obvious. However, I will mention a few:

Until the last government but one (the Coalition), we had a system whereby the Party in government (traditionally, the Prime Minister) could call an election at whim; especially if there was a good chance of winning hands-down. The Coalition agreement put an end to that. It has to be a fixed five (5) year term Parliament. So Theresa May has got the remaining four years to enjoy. Why bother with an election to start opening up wounds and hurts, engaging in mud-slinging, smears and sneers, slanders and innuendoes; you name it! And with the economy in a rotten state, is this the time to invest all resources on electioneering? And worst of all, it could be an inconclusive outcome. So, the Prime Minister, besides the wise men and women in the nation didn’t buy the garbage!


The gigantic and complex re-negotiation to be done with the European Union and even the rest of the entire world is daunting! Let no one worry out of proportion though; it will work out well and right. Britain is a Christian country. And my Christianity teaches that, “………all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.


Did the Church not pray over the Referendum that all hurts and wounds should be healed by God. Was that prayer answered? The style of Theresa May’s walk to power is classic. See how the Tory MP’S in the Parliament rallied round her in so much that there was no need for the party member election.


The Church (The Body of Christ) prayed and God did answer. I tell you the sticky one which the church did and which it has been doing for years; I don’t want to put a number on it. Has the nation not been warned that “if Britain let Christianity slip through its fingers, it will have no leg to stand on in the world?” I just want to add that truth is bitter, but Christianity is about truth and nothing but truth, spoken in love. Let’s have any honest and sincere citizens comment on the state of our nation as at now.


I only want to say and stop that with this maiden article I inaugurate this title of SPIRITUAL DIMENSION (Added) to our discussion. From now on I am going to read and discuss (Add) spiritual dimension to the issues of our time. That is love of God for the UK. If anybody wants to write under that title, they just have to get in touch with me.

Please watch out for further development in Jesus name to the glory of our Father and our God.

By Pastor Moses Owolabi

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