A Day In The Life Of A Christian

Praise the Lord! Another day and by His Grace, my alarm lets me know that I am alive, safe and well.

One can never take for granted God’s grace. If you were to stop and consider; not everyone makes it through the night until the morning light. Some folks have slept rough on the streets; others awake to discover that they have some physical ailment. All of this runs through my mind in a split second (sorry God!) as work beckons and I need to get ready and out the door sharpish…

… I never leave home without a morning prayer – albeit a time constrained ‘thanks God, watch over my loved ones and don’t forget the blood of Jesus’.  I am conscious that my time spent with God is not long enough and it needs to be, in order to stand strong against the onslaught of daily spiritual warfare.

Once I open my eyes, after a night’s sleep, the ‘enemy’ (Satan) is on my case, infiltrating my head with thoughts such as. ‘You don’t have time for prayer … ‘You’ll be OK, why bother?’ …‘ Think about work and the 101 demands awaiting you once you arrive’… ‘Get wound up now thinking about them’ … ‘Stand your ground! Tell them what you think! Don’t mince your words girl!’ …‘You know you like a gossip’.. ‘Can I tempt you to sin?’

Every day starts with good intentions. I have gospel music and affirmations playing on my car radio during the commute into work.  I ask God for strength and guidance for the day ahead (upon reaching the office) only to end up allowing the noise of life to render me homicidal by 5:30pm.

No one said that being a Christian is easy. Thanks to the good Lord for being by my side. It is a darn (am I allowed to say that?) sight easier than battling on through my own will.

Let me pause and ponder about my pre Christian days of pure grief and no solutions. I shudder at the various scenarios that I staggered through back then. Talk about learning things the hard way!

Anyway, back to the day at hand. Today was my probation review. This has been a long running situation. In the ‘good old days’, I would be poised and on the defensive. My mouth would probably have run away with me before the review. No doubt I would have told them what to do with the job and ‘walked’.  It is fair to say that I have never been the shy and retiring type – far too vocal and ‘aggressive’ for some people’s liking.

Oh the joy of being saved!

I learnt to kick that devil trait to the kerb. Now it is a case of asking God for the spirit of wisdom in whatever situation I am about to face; taking a deep breath and then ‘be still and know that He is God’. I am also mastering the craft of being quick to listen and slow to speak which can make a HUGE difference. God is good!

Given that the outcome of the review would normally have me seething – I had to quickly remind myself of Proverb 3:5. There is no sense in me taking up precious headspace working out worldly rationale. Leave it to God to sort out. After all, he put me there – and what a process – which is another story. I simply returned to my desk and got on with my job amongst banal chatter regarding office politics, who said what and last night’s soap – well actually I did join in the last conversation. Give me a break, I am still a WIP!

It is like that most days in terms of facing challenging situations and people. Being a Christian doesn’t make me exempt from the trials and tribulations of life. What it does provide is the world’s best asset – God’s armour.

I use the journey home to reflect and try to salvage what were good intentions at the start of the day. On goes the gospel music and 10-minute Bible session (with Derek Prince). It is important for me to maintain connection with God, otherwise the enemy would have a field day.

I pray for guidance before retiring to sleep –with a quick whinge thrown in for good measure about the injustices of life and why can’t I get a break?! Better out than in I guess.

That’s the beauty of having an omnipresent Father. I can talk to Him anytime, anywhere about anything with the added bonus of Him understanding. Then, once I have committed any woes into His hands, I can just kick back and wait for my breakthrough and testimony which, in my short time as a Christian, is a given.

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