About Us

Welcome to Good_News UK.

Good_News UK is a small non-profit charity Christian website for the purpose of enlightening everyone that there are still good things happening around us and in our various communities. When you turn-on the Radio or Television, read the Newspapers or go on the internet, it is always one bad news report or another of all sorts. It has become the norm so much that we are all tuned to the fact that ‘No News Is Good News’.  It is time to change this idea, We need to let people know that a lot of good things and new developments are happening around us, coupled with the fact that the Christian life is still as joyous and real as ever.

The name ‘Good_News UK’ projects the notion that there still are a lot of good, abundant life and goodness in the ‘Gospel’ otherwise known as ‘Good News’ of Christianity- hence the underscore in ‘Good_News UK’ indicates the main purpose of this organisation in bringing good, encouraging happenings and experiences in Christianity all over United Kingdom and internationally.

At Good_News UK we plan to bring you Christian articles & features, news, activities and events from Churches, Christian organisations and groups to create awareness of positive and encouraging developments within the Christian community.

Our Aim & Purpose at Good_News UK

  • To make everyone aware that there are good & positive things happening around, freeing us from being brainwashed that only bad news sells, and stop any negative propaganda about the Christian life & Churches.
  • To make the Bible relevant today’s living.
  • To help take the pressure off struggling to be a Christian, through practical,    contemporary and experiential teachings, forums, discussions and activities like conferences, light hearted social events for all age spectrum i.e. Adolescents, Youth & Adults across the social spectrum.
  • To make Christianity a real way of life not religion.
  • To free Christians from church dogma that traps & manipulate through false doctrine, deceit, exploitation and twisting God’s word.
  • To make Christianity appealing, attractive, inviting and relevant.
  • To dispel extremism & disallow radicalism.
  • To bring people back to a ‘Real & Living Church’- ‘UNIVERSAL’ not denominational.

How Can You Get Involved?

Advertisements & Publicity from Christian organisations & individuals regarding any planned or future events and activities are free of charge although voluntary donations would be appreciated. We welcome contributions from all well meaning Churches, Christian Organisations/Institutions and individuals in further spreading and highlighting the good and abundant life in the Gospel through ‘Good_News UK’.

We are also making provisions for Forums & Discussions on practical relevant real life issues and share experiences on our website to help support individuals going through struggles and challenges in their private lives that seems unique to them, which they feel church at times and in some cases could not handle or have been handled wrongly or were avoiding deal with.

At the same time we are going to broadcast Sermons and practical teachings (audio & audiovisual) on our website that anyone can watch or listen to.

We have made provision on the site for Intercessory prayer requests, prayer points and testimonies of answers to prayers with links.